Professional Writing and Publishing Tips


Interested in writing a non-fiction book or a novel? I can help.



I have written hundreds of articles for many newspapers, magazines and websites including the New York Times, Boston Globe, CNN, Travel Channel, Working Mother and more. I was also an editor for ten years at a national glossy magazine based in NYC, as well as an editor at several NYC-based trade magazines. And, I have penned many non-fiction books, too.

In fiction, I co-authored three Murder, She Wrote novels (and sales are still brisk) and am the author of Catcher in the Sky, a popular middle-grade novel for kids.

I have been hired as a book doctor by several clients (including a school teacher and a therapist) to edit and whip their books into shape for publication.  I am a big believer that every professional can benefit from authoring a book–even if it is a 25-page booklet. For instance, a real estate broker would benefit from publishing a booklet titled The Top 10 Mistakes People Make When Selling Their Home. Not only can you make a little side money in sales with a book, but being a published author gives you leverage and established credibility in your industry.

In addition to editing, I am also an expert in the actual publishing of e-books on Amazon and in print on CreateSpace.

Please contact me for my advice and my rates. I look forward to working with you.

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